Past What's Up! Pages: August 2017



Here I have begun repeating the Square pattern. The goal it to have 6 total repeats...

To get your own copy of this Beaded Doily pattern, please visit...

Christmas Design 05 - Pattern Collection 2

Happy Beading :)  Shell



I have not decided on my next project, so I am working on my On Going project. I have completed the first Square of 6...

9-14-17 On going project

This is the Square from my pattern Christmas Design 05 - Pattern Collection 2.


Recently I also created bookmarks using seed beads...

9-14-17 Bookmarks9-14-17 Bookmarks

These were created using the widest band in my pattern collection... Make-It-Your-Own Snowflake sn000000 - Pattern Collection 1


My current video project is for a Gift Tag using my FacetedBeadArt beading technique...

9-14-17 Gift Tags

The first video is now on YouTube at

The top tag is created using 8/0 seed beads, the bottom - 4mm faceted beads.

I had hoped to have more videos up this week, but I ran into a recording error. Hope to get more up next week.

Happy Beading, Shell