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CeltCraft Designs
Bead patterns and glass gifts made with heat, heart and magic


Fleur de Lis Patch
Fleur de Lis Patch Direct Download!
This is just a cute little patch to adorn a necklace or do two and join at the top and bottom for a keychain.


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Bead Chart
  • Word Chart
  • Pattern Graph

Approximate Finished size: Approx 2 x 2.75

Supplies Used: 4 Delica bead colors, thread.

Technique: Peyote

Pages to Print: 5

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Price: $2.00
Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross Direct Download!
Celtic knot work is a wonderful symbol of eternity. The circle in this cross represents our journey through life. A rich tapestry with only 5 colors.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Color Pattern
  • Graph Pattern
  • Word Chart
  • Bead Count

Approximate Finished size: Unkn. 72 col x 52 rows

Supplies Used: 5 colors of Delica beads, thread

Technique: Odd count peyote

Pages to Print: 8

Skill Level: Intermediate, suggest odd count peyote experience

Price: $6.00
Celtic Tree of Life
Celtic Tree of Life Direct Download!
 A true Celtic Tree of Life, all of its branches and roots are intertwined, just like all of us on earth. Uses 7 colors. The satin color used as the background makes this a real eye-catcher. Please note, however, that satin beads break easy. Suggest encasing finished pattern in a glass frame. 

Tree of Life, original design by Jen Delyth©1990 Used with permission.


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Bead Graph
  • Word Chart
  • Full Color Picture

Approximate Finished size: 4" x 5"

Supplies Used: Delica Beads (7 colors), Nymo thread

Technique: Peyote

Pages to Print: 10

Skill Level: Beginning/Intermediate, knowldge of peyote stitch needed

Price: $5.00
American Celtic Heart
American Celtic Heart Direct Download!
I submitted this square to the Bead Quilt project, a memorial/fund raiser for victims of 9/11. Takes 6 colors.


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Bead graph
  • Word Chart
  • Color pic of finished product

Approximate Finished size: 3x3"

Supplies Used: Delica Beads, thread

Technique: Peyote

Pages to Print: 7

Skill Level: Beginning/Intermediate

Price: $2.00
Celtic Knot Tapestry 1
Celtic Knot Tapestry 1 Direct Download!
A beautiful 4 color Celtic knot tapestry.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Pattern
  • Bead Graph
  • Word Chart

Approximate Finished size: 5.5 x 6"

Supplies Used: 4 color Delica beads, thread

Technique: Square stitch/Loom

Pages to Print: 10

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Price: $3.00
Trinity Knot
Trinity Knot Direct Download!
Just a simple tiny trinity knot in square stitch.Choose your own three favorite colors and take off!

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Full color patter
  • Bead graph
  • Bead count
  • Word chart


Approximate Finished size: 2 x 2"

Supplies Used: 3 color Delica beads, thread

Technique: Square stitch

Pages to Print: 3

Skill Level: Beginning

Price: $2.00
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