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1. Americana Christmas Ornament Drapery

Dawn's Beading Memories

Be A Deer, Dear amulet panel

Be A Deer, Dear amulet panel by Dawn's Beading Memories

Instant Access!

This is part of a Bead 'n' Feed series I have had going for a while.  Each panel in this series will be the same stitch style and same size so you can choose your front/back for an amulet pouch without trying to size them yourself. 

Also, each of my Bead 'n' Feed patterns will include a tried and trusted recipe of my favorite.


This pattern will use 14 colors of Delica seed beads, but, the recipe will use less ingredients.

The recipe for this one is Crock-Pot Venison Chili (you can substitute beef or bison or other meat if you choose.)

I like the ease of the crock-pot slow cooking our supper while I bead away.   

The Pattern Contains:

  • Large, full-color graph with symbols
  • Suggested Delica colors and amounts
  • Realistic image of the pattern
  • Crock-Pot Venison Chili recipe

Project Details:

Size: 2.67 width by 3.50 height

Supplies: Delica seed beads

Technique: Brick stitch

Pages To Print: 3

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


A feast for your eyes in the beauty of the beads...and a feast for you & your family's tummies with a hearty, filling slow-cooked chili.

My modern tribute to my ancestors by beading in the comfort of my home with electric lighting as well as cooking a nourishing meal whether the meat was supplied by a hunter friend or from the grocery store.

Come celebrate with me......let's bead 'n' feed!

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