Hand beaded bracelet with lampworked cabochons

Handmade Glass Creations Made from Heat, Heart and Magic

I am an artist who works with glass, and that includes seed beads.

I enjoy working with glass because I feel that I’ll never live long enough to learn it all. With glass art, there’s always something new. I also enjoy glass because it’s challenging—it’s not something I get right the first time, so it makes me keep coming back. I derive inspiration for my glass art everywhere. Inspiration comes from other artists, from pictures, from patterns in carpets, just from everywhere.
I joke that I’m a rodent or magpie—if something is shiny or sparkly, I grab for it! So that’s what often shows up in my work. Blue is my favorite color and the qualities I appreciate in it are that it’s calming and deep, and I’ve always been thrilled with water. I am always happy with work that has depth.

When people see my work and decide to purchase it, I think that they have given me the ultimate compliment—the feedback that they really liked it enough to want to take it home. Especially in a tough economy, for someone to buy my work or take a glass class from me, that’s a high compliment.
Art means beauty to me. I don’t feel that art is necessarily controversial. If you look at the old art masters, their subject matter was always beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting. Actually creating beauty gives me a great sense of accomplishment. 

If you have any questions about my patterns or my other work found at www.celtcraftdesigns.com please feel free to contact me at celtcrafts@gmail.com