I'm Jennie Hennesay, DBA The Bead Doodler. Bead weaving is a relatively  new creative outlet for me considering I've been a crafter all my life.

In the late 1990's I began studying alternative healing. I wanted to be able to make the beautiful healing stones and crystals into wearable art and jewelry. From there the beads seemed to take on a life of their own. Thanks to the internet there were plenty of hints, tips and tutorials. I learned every stitch I came across and soon I was designing my own jewelry.

I find inspiration everywhere -  nature, art, colors, shapes. Sometimes the beads seem to talk to me, guiding me through their shapes and colors.

All of my patterns and tutorials are made and tested by me. Unless otherwise stated, all my published patterns are tested, but sometimes I make mistakes that I don't see when beading from the tutorial. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem understanding a pattern: thebeaddoodler@live.com . Unfortunately, digital downloads are not refundable but I will make every effort to guide you through any problem you may have.

My patterns each state a skill level.

Beginner: From don't know thing one about the stitch to a basic knowledge of the stitch.

Advanced Beginner: Have a basic knowledge of the stitch and able to read an illustration and the accompanying text.

Intermediate: Relatively skilled in the stitch.

Brick stitch patterns are graph only. and require a working knowledge of the stitch.

Peyote stitch patterns are graph and optional word chart. (no additional charge for word chart) require a working knowledge of the stitch.

All other stitches are illustrated tutorials. 

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